How Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate: Connect!

This is Vickie Falcone’s most-requested program. It helps parents minimize conflict with their children, maximize cooperation and closeness, and create a foundation for more peace at home.

If you are like most parents, you may feel frustrated about your inability to catch your children’s attention and win their cooperation. When kids are not listening or cooperating, simple tasks – like getting out the door or picking up the toys – can turn into upsetting conflicts that leave both you and your child feeling discouraged.

In this program, you will learn innovative communication skills that go beyond simply getting your child to cooperate—to helping you to build a close, connected relationship with your child. You will be introduced to highly-effective skills and tools, but more than that, you will also learn a new “way of being” that invites continued cooperation and closeness. As a result of attending this program, you will:

  • Understand your child’s four core needs and why meeting these increases cooperation
  • Learn the secrets to calming and centering yourself when the heat is on
  • Be able to use simple steps to get your child to really listen
  • Leave with practical tools you can put to use right away to feel better about your parenting

The Secret Language of Parenting That Works: The Art of Encouragement

Many parents and children today feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Life at home can feel chaotic and disconnected. While the challenge may be frustrating, the solution is simple: create a positive, encouraging atmosphere in your home. Using her own stories and those of parents she has taught and coached for 15+ years, she illustrates the encouragement principles with practical, experiential exercises so parents can immediately apply the information to create a harmonious household.

  • Learn the surprising negative consequences of over-praising your child
  • Discover secrets to raising genuinely happy children
  • Develop a communication style that creates more positive energy in your home
  • Greatly increase cooperation

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“No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!”  Redirecting Power Struggles

Why is my child being so difficult?

Yes, you will get in this car right now!

How do I get my children to get out the door…eat dinner without a struggle…get into bed?

Does this self talk sound familiar? If so, you may be struggling for power with your children. Do you long for peaceful interactions, yet find yourself battling with your child to get even the simplest things done? In this program, Vickie reveals simple practices that prevent most power struggles and reduce the intensity of those that do occur. Vickie Falcone shows parents how to apply seven strategies that reduce power struggles to the day-to-day world of bedtime battles and fussy eaters.

  • Understand why your child struggles for power and why you don’t need to struggle for parental authority
  • Learn to respond effectively vs. react emotionally
  • Minimize the hassles, tantrums and tears
  • Feel calmer and enjoy being a parent

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What to Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline

Many parents long to replace outdated discipline methods with methods that are more respectful and more effective. In this workshop, participants will learn specific alternatives to punishment that help children learn to be more responsible. Parents will learn how to teach valuable life lessons in a way that preserves their relationship with their child and is more peaceful for everyone.

  • Understand the difference between punishment and consequences
  • Learn how to raise respectful children
  • Discover the most effective way to teach children to take responsibility
  • Learn how to use natural and logical consequences to improve behavior

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  • Agape Spiritual Center
  • Book Expo America – NAPRA
  • California School Age Consortium CalSAC
  • California Council of Part Participation Nursery Schools CCPPNS
  • El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch
  • International Network for Children & Families
  • Kennesaw State University
  • MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Northern Westchester Parent Group
  • Portland Children’s Expo
  • Pueblo Library District
  • Unity of Chicago
  • Women in Neurosurgery WINS
  • Women Involved in Networking WIIN


Vickie works with parents who want to create more peace at home and teachers who want to learn positive classroom management skills. She speaks to schools and organizations, across the country, that want to provide their audiences with tools that really work to become more effective with children.

In all of her programs, she brings her ideas home with a mix of humor, inspiration and practicality. Participants leave with the information, the motivation and the practical skills they need to improve their parenting practices right away.